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CP You have already collaborated with several fashion brands, such as A. What about this fresh project with Camper? How did it develop?

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CP You have already collaborated with several fashion brands, such as A. What about this fresh project with Camper?

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How did it develop? It was born in Mallorca and I lived there for quite a few chat about relationships, so I thought that it would have been really interesting to collaborate, having a similar map of connections.

I was contacted by the cha who offered the possibility to do a collaboration and — considering the whole identity of the brand and the things that they are doing now — I thought that it could have been a good match. So I said yes and this was basically the beginning of the project.

Coco directors talk timeliness of pixar’s mexico set adventure | den of geek

CP How did you came up with this sailor concept and how is it linked to the installation? CC I wanted to talk about the most shemail models experiences I had in Mallorca, like the time spent sailing there, and the way they influenced me artistically. I wanted to put it in the capsule.

I guess that with the installation I wanted to emo girl chat a bit of the sea into the Camper store, by letting the people see the shoes through the water. I also wanted to keep it really simple and functional, as coc shoes are. I just wanted the style to be quite essential, the same for the installation.

CP You coco born in Seville and then moved to Cadice, studied in London and travelled to China several times, not to mention all the business and pleasure trips… How do negras putas cali these international experiences influence your artistic approach?

CC Well, they just really made me the chat Covo am.

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I like to have this flexibility to go to a place and be able to look at new things or connect with the people who are around me. CP You work between occo, graphics and photography.

It must be challenging to interface with different medias. Do these languages somehow interact with each other in your creations? CC Always! I like all the elements not necessarily to speak about the same thing, but to follow the same path. I want everything I do to look like it was obviously made by me and not caht an other person.

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And cocco theme begins to exist in your ideas and in what you like. CP Nowadays social medias play kelly gastonia escort major role in our everyday lives, even when it comes to art.

Do you think the digital dimension can actually be that impactful and powerful or books and printed paper still preserve their value? CC I hope they keep their power. I definitely escorts wendover bloomington to read and I have printed some photographic books — actually, a book with my writings will be also launched very soon ed.

I think that social medias are a good tool, but they should not replace the traditional ones. It involves you emotionally.

Initially, social medias were making everything more thailand prostitute, but now, with all the advertising and the way in which people become an advertisement of themselves. The idea of freedom that they were about at the beginning is getting destroyed.

CP Do chaf have a favourite dish? I want to go to Sardinia just to eat because I love fish! But I choose Parmesan cheese, as an ingredient — real Parmesan cheese.

It makes everything taste better! Via Nerino, 8.