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The UK government says, in its kiddz plans, that up to a fifth of workers could be off sick at ts escorts perth peak of an epidemic, with school closures possible. Kidz problem in explaining the virus is that it's difficult to predict what will happen, though early, albeit limited, evidence suggests children with Covid have tended to show mild symptoms.

While parents have long experience in explaining global threats - war, terrorism and climate change - pre-adolescent children are still developing their ability to assess risk, says Dr Rudkin. So it's important to find out what their level of worry over coronavirus is.

Older people and those with existing health conditions are thought to be most at risk of death or serious sickness from catching coronavirus. This could lead children to seeking similar situation w about older friends and relatives. Dr Rudkin advises honesty over the argument "we will all die eventually but chances are not until we are really, kidzz old".

Use simple language "But we can talk about it with a smile and use humour, or at least a lightness of touch, that doesn't then plummet our children into an existential pit they really don't need to be in, until they're 13 at least," she adds. But Mr Gilmartin suggests the use of "simple language" for all age groups and allowing children to ask sexy chat with providence in argo of questions" to show they're being listened to.

Parents who themselves are looking for the right language to chah, could start with the BBC's Newsround coverage. Children, like the rest of the population, are exposed to myths and misinformation about coronavirus, via playground gossip and, particularly escort vacation pre-teens and teenagers, on social media.

The best way to combat this is providing "age-appropriate information and reassurance", says Dr Rudkin, as the source young people trust best is a parent. Related Topics.