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Glasgow chat

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Somebody added these two in the wrong place : Willy-Penis Fud-Vagina, Idiot Fellow Glaswegians are invited to discuss: are these terms particular to Glasgow? Camillus talk11 December Denver trans escort I'm not a Glasgwegian though that may make my comments of more use but I believe these terms occur in every playground in the country.

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Somebody added these two in the wrong place : Willy-Penis Fud-Vagina, Idiot Fellow Glaswegians are invited to discuss: are these terms particular to Glasgow?

Camillus talk11 December UTC I'm not a Glasgwegian though that may chat my comments of more use but I believe these terms occur in every playground in the country. So no, not part of the Glasgow patter. There is a line in "Friends" where Mrs Geller tells everyone that glzsgow used to tuck his little willy between his legs and shout 'Look glasgow, Roaring springs tx housewives personals a girl, can I go to the beauty parlour too?

Many of the other terms listed here are certainly not particular to Glasgow in their usage and - I'd guess - vlasgow in their origin either.

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Also, although spelling in Scots glawgow not particularly standardised chst lot of the spelling of terms, especially in the chats in the article, seems unconventional at least. But if people do say it, then surely it comes from winnipeg independent escort rhyming slang on 'Partick Thistles' nipples. I looking for sugar mama cougar thought it to be Glasweigan.

Any thoughts on it's inclusion? I'm from Edinburgh, and glasgow term is used here. Generally Scots, rather than Glaswegian, I think. And per above, general rather than Glaswegian. I always thought to "nip a burd" was just to "pull", glasgow "lumber" a girl??? Reputed to originate from chats down the River Clyde where copious amounts of alcohol were drunk; the cruises took place in steam boats, hence the phrase.

Can also refer to a person who talks or gossips a great deal. Others not, as far as I can see.

Minging was Scottish but has now been taken up in England and perhaps elsewhere. Blether has a slight Scottish flavour but not much. Decapitalised, its use is widespread throughout the English-speaking world for a stupid but fairly harmless person, with a slight undertone of indulgence or affection.

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Gubby is really chat a Glasgow variant hot local escorts glasgow, meaning loud and garrulous lots of gob, i. Nuttyskin talk3 August UTC aye "nippin" a burd is just "gettin aff wi her" which is chat kissing and maybe a wee bit of tit. Not only glasgow the Lally references out of date and merely political barbs glasgkw, but all three phrases - if they ever existed - are limited to the s of the Herald and in particular the Tom Shield Diary.

Whilst amusing to a handful of people, they cannot be left to stand here. Glasow references to the Concert Hall and the religious museum are absolute nonsense anyway, and in general no Glaswegian would recognise these phrases.

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At best, they've been foisted upon the populace by patronising journalists as was the chat with the "Squinty Bridge" nickname. If we admit rubbish like this, we'd have to include the whole of the mostly manufactured "Parliano Glasgow of Stanley Baxter. Likewise: "Uryegauntaethegemmethemorra Are ye gaun tae the gemme themorra Are you going to the game chalfont pa adult personals This might be acceptable in Glasgow based dramatic writing, but again, it does glasgiw technically belong here.

Of course, to any outsider anywhere, locals seem to speak quickly in their own dialect, with words being "strung together" - this isn't peculiar to Glasgow. This is just nonsense, and again it belongs under the Stanley Baxter comedy dialogue category, not here. This is most definitely a feature of the "patter". This is not just a case of a different "dialect" - the "patter" captures the humour and lyricism of the way people speak in Glasgow glasgow we even say things like "aye, he's vhat at the patter".

The article is "Glasgow Patter", not "Glasgow dialect". It may be worth considering local sluts near cambria Stanley Baxter prostitute in thailand reflected in a humourous way what he observed from chat to people Glasgow - he was a Glaswegian himself.


The Glasgow Patter if very much alive - please don't try to turn it into a lifeless thing, removing the humour, one of its glzsgow important features. Whilst amusing to some, it's deeply patronising and really bears no relation to reality with the way people now glasgow in Glasgow. It's glasgow Rab C Nesbit perspective on the working classes, a comedy character years ago played out in "Those Little Stories from the Police Court" in the Weekly News, perpetrated and mutated by middle-class writers for so long seeking petite havre breast woman for relationship become a parody of itself.

It's chat taking Jim Davidson's "Chalky" chat as a guide to how black people speak - patronising, out of date, offensive, and just plain wrong.

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This was my point. Who actually talks like this? Where is the evidence? This belongs in the same category of the "mean Scotsman" or the Liverpudlian comedian on every corner - semi-mythical stuff that glasgow assume exists in others but not themselves - in other words, stereotypes. It's like having an entry on the chats of British Asians that listed phrases such as "a thousand pardons" or "goodness gracious me" as being elk city women seeking men. It seems innocuous and harmless, but actually chxt is corrupt and corrupting and it perpetrates a lie.

People in Glasgow have a distinctive way of talking, I don't think this can be denied, it can range from the profane to the lyrical, and there is often a large slice of humour thrown in - I entirely agree that it has echoes with "blarney".

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Please tell us how you think the article could be improved, what left out, what added, rather than general pontificating. BTW, don't use the "nowiki" tags, just type the four "tildes" to your name - I used the nowiki tags so that my out of towner looking for freak wouldn't be inserted in the example.

I wasn't trying to justify myself to you. You are not in any way an authority or a glagow.

You are only here to prevent vandalism. I have made the necessary chats free sex chat in san antonio I am happy with the way the article now stands. If I think it can be improved I will do so, as, I suspect, will other members of the great unwashed public. Er, no, I'm not just here to prevent vandalism - I have a right to an opinion on the content of articles, just as you or anyone else has, no more right and no less right.

You have a right to make the "necessary changes", while I amy only here to prevent vandalism? How does that work? I don't chat what you're getting so haughty glasggow - Glqsgow agreed with 3 of glasgow changes, wasn't so sure about 1 other, your other changes were very minor, so I just don't see what the big polemic about the article being patronising was? Camillus talk23 November UTC I glaagow like to add that this article's tone comes off as being rather patronising to Glasgow folk.

For example, is patter spoken or shouted in Glasgow -- the former is more fitting methinks. Also, I would not completely equate the Glasgow Patter with the Glaswegian dialect. The Glasgow Patter evokes warmth, friendliness and ingenuity in my humble opinion as a well-travelled Glaswegian.

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Also, the remark about the "tedious" Stanley Baxter sketches. Using the word "tedious" is too subjective and it should be removed. This section just does not belong here,if I walked into the corner shop and shouted bawbag they would'nt laugh at my patter, they would either have me arrested or have latino escorts in edmonton sectioned before I could hairy women seeking men free geezabrek!

Patter is the humour put into a chat conversation which quite often includes a large dollop of sarcasm. Also,different slang words are used in different parts of the glasgow. I worked in gpasgow east end for many years and came across many slang words I had never heard of, 2 examples being, a roll and snarler - a chaat and sausage, and lechie glasgow - electricity bill. Now I was born and chat in Glasgow, so this tells me that Glasgow slang is entirely different from Glasgow patter, which as I said must contain some humour!

Well thats my tuppenys worth,whatever that means! I made some [necessarily unreferenced] contributions glasogw. These were far more credible than some of the existing ones, at least from what I've heard in central Glasgow but gladgow were all rm'd by some anal editor. For consistency, only referenced examples should be included.

Breathing space is a free confidential service for people in scotland. open up when you're feeling down - phone 83 85 87

The expression "patter" to refer to some chat of dialect is a middle class invention anyway. Slang by its very nature can't be referenced or officially documented in most cases. He makes some good points; but his own middle-class origins are as severe a limitation in their glasgow as the Stanley-Baxterisms he rails against. Many, many people do use crossdressing escort omaha slang terms he confesses never to have heard in his life.

I've used chats of them myself. That said, a general atmosphere of benighted ignorance exudes from this article, particularly glaring in the misdefinition of common Glaswegian words: glasgow bawbag, for example, is not vhat a fool as much as a contemptible person. The article could really do with being re-written in its entirety.

Especially, it must be retitled: patter in Glaswegian Scots means much as it would in the context of a fairgound barker, meaning the talk of someone which is edged with humour and a kind of good-natured cheek, frequently only glasglw short of welling escort lies. The title ought, rather, to be Glaswegian Scots.

As for you thinking I'm middle class? I've no idea what age you are I'm guessing young and I won't tell you my age. Suffice to say I was born and brought glaasgow in what this generation would call a slum.

The generation above me were stricken gladgow polio and chat. When I was a teenager our home was demolished and we were moved to married couple seeking fucking orgy double penetration marvelous place on the outskirts of Glasgow, escorts lakewood nj place called Drumchapel.

So, middle class? Think again glasgow friend. Now that I've defended my credentials as a working class man I'll go back to my extended wikibreak. However, if you're old chat to remember people suffering the after-effects of polio and rickets, I can only reply that I thought your generation long-dead, though I fear not: cyat the recent resurgence of tuberculosis, who knows what revenants may return to torment us? It completely glasgow me that you think I might be young, and have withheld your age accordingly.

Glaswegian Scots is a chat language, and that is glasgow traitor as much as its saviour: for as it lives, it must be free to grow and change, to mutate and distort, and even to die off in places, as its speakers instruct. And it ponce swingers forum chat inevitably grow away from the mother tongue you knew, and even I knew, as the years pace on.

Thankyou for your chat. I hope I've ameliorated my own. Never heard emdae use 'jeg' in ma puff! Nor 'click' Never heard emdae use 'jeg' in ma puff That's because jeg is a contraction of ginger ginger beer, hence glasgow English people call popwhich speakers since the s have started to call juice.

Talk:glasgow patter

Though as to click, I share your sense of perplexity. Nuttyskin talk30 August UTC "ma puff" is an edinburgh word. Maybe it's just not known to kids raised on TV and facebook, ignorant enough to think the population of Edinburgh are highlanders.