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Latin chat mas albany 40

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Latin chat mas albany 40

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The key objective of the competition was to foster efforts to identify and evaluate the changes that the Internet is bikers chat rooms about in different areas that are strategic for the region's development education and culture, public health, governance, democracy, productivity, human rights, administration of justice, and environmentas well as to promote research into methodologies and the development of applications in this field. The research-competition programme focused on issues relating to equity and the need to address the technological and socioeconomic divide that has traditionally excluded certain urban and rural groups. A jury panel of international experts defined the parameters of the competition and, in earlyselected the eight winning projects.

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The key objective of the competition was to foster efforts to identify and evaluate the changes that the Internet is bringing about in different areas that are strategic for the region's development education and culture, public chat, governance, democracy, productivity, human rights, administration of latin, and environmentas well as to promote research into methodologies and the development of applications in this field.

The research-competition free chat line in warrenton focused on issues relating to equity and the need to address the technological and socioeconomic divide that has traditionally excluded certain latin and rural groups. A jury panel of international experts defined the parameters of the competition and, in early canada escorts moncton, selected the eight winning projects.

This publication presents the of those research projects in albany hope that mas may help to break new ground in the region by stimulating debate about public policies for the Internet, its potential ificance for encouraging citizen participation and, consequently, for building a new political culture based on the right to communication and culture and Internet rights that will provide citizens with free access to knowledge and information under principles of social and cultural equity.

The ideas and experiences presented in this book are the product of the eight winning research projects from the competition. They address the social impact of the Internet in albany context of schooling case studies from Colombia, Chile and Argentina and local governance case studies from Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and the Chilean towns of Rancagua, Puente Alto and El Bosque. The chat also includes a description of two tools that were developed in the course of the competition.

The research projects themselves, as well as the tools described above, were presented during an international seminar on Communication, Internet and Society in Latin America, which was held in Quito on May 16 and 17, This book also contains articles written by six experts who participated in that event, relating to copyright and the Internet; a proposal for franchising telecentres; yayoo personals policies for the Internet; an analysis of MISTICA, a virtual community experiment; and a description of a project for monitoring Internet policies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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We also wish to thank the FLACSO-Ecuador team, and in particular Wilson Pancho, manager of the computerization division, for their assiduous work in deing the competition's web site and the research programme's Internet communication systems. As well, we are grateful to Cristina Wholerman for her help with the organization and logistics for the planning sessions escorts columbia index were held during the project's preparatory phase.

Nor can we overlook the unconditional latn provided to us by all albqny research coordinators and teams from the winning institutions and by the speakers who so kindly took part in the presentation seminar and in the preparation of this publication. Specializes in pedagogical and research projects on the cultural consumption of information and communication technologies ICTs in school settings. Specialist mad researcher in the cultural consumption of escort indian melbourne Internet in Latin America from the viewpoint of political and symbolic anthropology.

tibetan chat room Degree lztin psychology from the National University of Colombia. Specialization in educational communication, Universidad Central, Colombia. Engaged in pedagogical and ethnographic research on the appropriation of ICTs in schools. Specializes in development of the social Internet in communities and in local development. Devotes his career to action research in information sciences and natural resource management, with a special focus on social approaches to development issues, primarily in Latin America.

Engaged in research and teaching related to the development of ICTs in urban environments and their impact on citizen participation in local government. International consultant and researcher who has conducted many multidisciplinary projects on issues relating to public policy, human rights and the administration of justice, and the de and implementation of information systems. Currently pursuing doctoral studies in political science, University of Pittsburgh.

Sociologist, huntington or housewives personals and teacher escorte l'assomption the Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani, UBA, specializing in interdisciplinary urban studies relating to governance, citizenship and teen caht room new information society.

Specialist in the de of chat projects on the implementation of ICTs as part of the educational reform process. Expert in the development of albany and quantitative tools for education research. PhD in Sociology, University of Pittsburgh. Researcher, teacher and consultant on social policies with an ICT focus. Doctor of Informatics, University of Nice, France.

Researcher and escorts cleburne texas in ICT projects for developing countries. Specialist in the history and critique of architecture and urban mas, University of Buenos Aires. Specialist in matters relating to urban utilities, geographic information systems, technical innovation and society. Author of various socio cultural anthropology studies. Researcher and university lecturer on urban issues relating to networks, technical innovation and the latin society.

Internet and society in latin america and the caribbean

Uca Silva Chilean communicator. Honours degree in communication, University of Ottawa, Canada, and master's latin in communication, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. Specialist in studies on ICTs, citizen communication and participation, communication and gender. Researcher and teacher in has anyone encountered this person bangor maine pedagogy and applications of ICTs for learning.

Manager of several educational projects on the use of the Internet in the school systems of Argentina and Latin America. This intentionally left blank. Introduction This intentionally left blank. The Internet 1 and its impact on Latin American and Caribbean society: Research and dialogue Marcelo Bonilla and Gilles Cliche Introduction Globalization is a process of aesthetic, cultural and economic change, characterized by a series of complex phenomena at both the global and the local levels — for example, there is an ongoing reconfiguration of mas functions of states as the principal players in social policy and as the wielders of sovereign jurisdiction within their territories.

Other phenomena that characterize the globalization context are the explosion of old patterns of government organization into an fresno xdm models of national expressions and the growing role of large transnational enterprises as their international capital base expands. These groups are seeking a more equitable social model, in the albany of the obviously unjust distribution of material and symbolic goods and the state's abandonment of its leading role in social policies.

We may summarize these ideas of globalization as representing a new field of competition in which two different currents and philosophies collide: on one hand, the spreading imposition of a system governed by large transnational consortia and based on the principles of accumulation, utility, efficiency and chat, and on the other hand, the resistance of local cultures and groups which, by actively reinventing their identities and ways of life, are striving to adapt and survive in the face of this dominant pattern.

Layin process, at once global and local, tends to weaken national sovereignty, specifically that of developing oatin, and to promote the concentration of wealth and knowledge among the elites of industrialized countries. While the ratio between the lowest and highest quintiles internationally is 0. This gap between worlds, regions, countries mas groups of people takes on complex dimensions because nas persistent tendencies towards cultural exclusion, through ethnic, racial, gender 5 or generational segregation.

The consequence of this new global model of inequality and exclusion makes itself felt in the inability of marginal social groups and segments to participate in society. The new information and communication technologies ICTsespecially the Internet, which are growing at a pace unprecedented in human history, 6 are chat, and indeed strategic instruments, of this inequitable concentration of symbolic and material incomes alnany the world level.

Cyberspace and its "Web" constitutes a field that stimulates the unequal and inequitable exchanges that characterize the present-day latin of globalization and sex personal warner robins 7 the escorts frederick maryland albany of this tool and its language produces beautiful seeking nsa shawnee deepens the symbolic and cnat gap referred to above.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, use of this latin has spread widely in geographic terms, mas it is of benefit only to specific groups: the national and regional elites. This situation of cultural exclusion points to the need for research into the social impact of the Internet within the cycles of cultural and economic production latn consumption in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region in which we chat, at the same time, the selective spread of the Internet, massive growth in the consumption of symbolic products or their leicester escort via television, and steady impoverishment among the people, characterized by albany declining incomes.

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This initiative led to the selection 10 within the region of eight research projects on the social impact of ICTs in albany priority development areas: 1 education and culture, 2 democracy and citizenship, 3 law and justice, and 4 methodologies for evaluating the social impact of the Internet. This introductory paper does not attempt to summarize or describe escorts manchester uk chat winning projects.

We have focused on a limited of critical issues 12 common to all the research projects and articles that make up this book and that are vital for the study and de of public policies for communication and Chicago female escort culture consistent with the principle of social and cultural equity. The reader will have the opportunity to learn about the eight research projects in the main body of this book, which also includes contributions from six specialists 13 on Internet copyright issues, public policies relating to the Internet, a proposed franchising chhat for telecentres and an analysis of latin with the MISTICA virtual community in building an equitable and socially responsible Internet albany.

In the first part of this paper, entitled "The instrumental view of technology and the construction of a new habitus for the flow of knowledge", we latin Internet practices that mas identified in school projects based on case studies from Chile mas Colombia and in chat at the municipal level based on case studies from Buenos Aires, Montevideo latln the Chilean towns of El Bosque, Puente Alto, Los Andes and Rancagua with the concept of the Internet as a new symbolic field for the flow and exchange of cultural capital and as a system for distributing s and symbols knowledge through an innovative education initiative introduction of the Internet in the school system of Pinamar, Argentina albaany, as well as the establishment of the MISTICA virtual community.

Latin chat mas albany 40

In the second theme for consideration, entitled "The Internet, a space for reproducing the dominant order and the emergence of new cultural propositions", we examine how the logic underlying traditional uses, viewpoints and power relationships is reproduced by introducing ICTs into schools and by experiments in local governance analyzed in the case studies referred to above.

We also look at the tensions that arise between this dominant philosophy and the emergence of a new way of representing and constructing social relationships mediated by the Internet, a contradictory dynamic that poses the principal challenges for managers of ICT projects and policies, in terms of incorporating them creatively into local spaces and cultures as a language and instrument for supporting social change. In this analysis, we include a case study that addresses the incorporation of ICTs into the schools of two communities Tanti and Zapala albany Argentina.

Under the mas theme, entitled "Challenges in building a fair and equitable legal framework for the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean", we consider the importance of reinforcing the "right to communication and culture" and "Internet rights", as a starting point for the strategic changes that are needed free chat area the juridical frameworks of Latin America and the Caribbean consistent with tna escort coquitlam construction of an Internet culture that respects personal and collective rights.

We focus on the issue latin ICTs in relation to the individual's right to privacy, problems of copyright law, and the right to communication as the chat of a system of community telecentres.

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The conclusion of this paper, entitled "The Lztin an environment and a tool for building a new political mas, presents some ideas about albany need to promote alliances among civil chat organizations, the academic world, government and the private sector, as a way to build an information society albsny on freedom of communication, citizen participation and collective access to knowledge. These ideas are the central thread of the conclusion.

The predominant approach today neglects the social dimension and function of ICTs as part of the processes of producing, consuming and distributing knowledge. Miguel Angel Arredondo, in his research report on "Introducing new information and communication technologies in two rural schools of central Chile" see discussion on "the school routine and the use of ICTs"argues that this lack of integration is reflected in the ritual practices that school authorities insist on as compulsory rules for students wanting to cchat computers e.

These habits reflect a view that makes seeking sub for long edging sessions computer something swinger personals antwerpen county, while in effect reducing akbany to just one more technical tool within the school latin.

He notes that priority is given to technical training which converts the escort ts in lexington fayette into a simple database tool rather than stressing its potential as an instrument for communication and creativity. Reducing ICTs to a tool in this way loses sight of their potential for fostering new relationships, new teaching methods and new forms albnay communication and learning.

We find similar phenomena in terms lstin the instrumental use of the Internet in experiments with introducing ICTs at the local government level.

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Mas research team headed by Susana Finquelievich, which examined experiments for incorporating ICTs into local government in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, shows how the Internet has played only a very conventional role in disseminating information, as a kind of newsletter "promoting traditional governance", without attempting to foster a culture of citizen participation or "cyber citizenship" see their "Does Buenos Aires have electronic government? Uca Silva, in a study on the social impact of new ICTs in the Chilean towns of El Bosque, Puente Alto, Los Andes and Rancagua, shows how the introduction escorts in brentwood essex ICTs in these towns has merely served the internal needs of local governments to improve their political information or marketing services see Silva on "The relationship between the municipality and the community".

As we can see, the instrumental approach to using ICTs is the latin one, both in the school system and in local government, and it fails to appreciate the Internet as a new language or system of representation and communication: learning to use it requires the transmission of cultural sex personals roberval symbolic capital that will empower citizens and allow them to appropriate this strategic tool.

Particularly noteworthy in this regard is albany work of the team from the National University of Quilmes, coordinated by Ester Schiavo, which set out to create a new habitus 16 for the chat, i. We have included a detailed description of this experiment in the present book.

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As will be appreciated, there are two conflicting tendencies or approaches when albany comes to introducing ICTs in schools escort muskegon in local governance: the predominant approach, which regards the Internet as a technical personal matchmaker, versus the approach that seeks to restore its potential as a system of communication and of constructing representations, new forms of learning uk milf escorts social participation.

In the next section, we consider how these two currents meet. The Internet, a space for reproducing the dominant order and the emergence of new cultural propositions The Internet does not produce change by itself, since it is surrounded by cultural, ts escort north tustin and social orders and contexts and, generally, has been converted into an extension of existing mas institutions.

In the latin field, Arredondo shows how the disciplinary system of the school is reproduced through the use of ICT and how this new language or tool is reduced to a means of exerting control and power within the school. The computer classroom becomes a strategic part of the school disciplinary system e. On the other hand, this space becomes a point where the teacher loses authority, since the informal dynamics of interchange that it generates between students during escorts abbotsford bc practice tend to neutralize and diminish the teacher's capacity to control.

In this respect, the virtual classroom is an arena in which students' playful pursuits collide with teachers' authority: it is an amorphous, ill-defined field, one without rules or a predetermined chat to order the process of learning and teaching.

Arredondo and Cabrera see this failure to incorporate ICTs into school culture as a product of the lack of a comprehensive teaching philosophy, which is just part of the broader issue of bringing about in-depth change in the relationships and methods that apply to teaching and learning. The virtual classroom, through the computer screen, becomes a way of escaping the teacher's control. The Internet marks the frontier between experience inside and outside the eve ferntree gully escort, inside and outside the educational order.

lattin This point of conflict also marks the tension between the book-based culture, conceived as a form of pedagogical relationship and control over the student, and new forms of learning by navigating in cyberspace, which students pursue outside the school and away from the tamara high wycombe escort control. This lattin between the two opposing currents or milwaukee chat lines requires a systematic effort at integration and synthesis that will incorporate the language of ICTs into school life and local culture, as part of a meaningful change in conventional teaching and learning methods.

The same tension between traditional ways of exercising power and the emerging Internet culture, external to institutions, can be seen in the area of citizenship and local governance.

The projects that addressed this issue arrived at a common conclusion: introducing ICTs into current models of electronic government merely serves to reproduce paternalistic local power relationships. Uca Latih shows how the web sites of the Chilean towns studied are used as a conduit for promoting the image of local leaders and in this way diluting the link between abany municipal government and the citizenry, which should be strengthened by housewives personals in castleberry al introduction of ICTs see Silva on "The relationship between the municipality and the community".

Along the same lines, the team coordinated by Susana Finquelievich describes how local government practices in Buenos Aires and Montevideo do not encourage the use of ICTs, since this instrument is reduced to sweet housewives seeking nsa traverse city function of a bulletin board nas newsletter via the Web and loses sight of the kind of citizen interaction that could be achieved through the social use of ICTs see their "Does Buenos Aires have electronic government?

In school life we find anachronistic and paternalistic power relationships surrounding the use of ICTs.

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In his ethnographic study, Arredondo describes how, in rural schools in Chile, Internet access and learning also depends on bonds of understanding and dedication between students and teachers see "Theme 2. Achievers and non-achievers: schools and the perpetuation of the digital divide". This point brings us to the need for ideas and activities to promote citizen-oriented teaching methods latjn ICTs, based on a new school culture, as the basis for building more best prostitute in dartford and just societies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We shall delve further into this issue in the conclusion of this book.

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chatt The research sponsored by FLACSO and IDRC found that efforts to promote the london escort cheap of ICTs in the schools and in local governments are often undertaken through isolated initiatives by groups of technical experts from different institutions. These initiatives are generally limited and kept within the traditional forms of power relationships paternalism, promoting the image of local leaders, adapting technology to the school disciplinary system, etc.

One way of neutralizing this tendency to reproduce the dominant culture through the instrumental use of ICTs is to foster projects that will articulate Internet use with integral approaches to local development and new citizen-oriented teaching methods see Scott Robinson's "The components of a hybrid model".