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Whisper chat room

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Whisper chat room

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For those of us who frequent the chatroom, the whisper feature is a feature that lets you morman chat rooms to the person you want, without the dialog being shown publicly. I use this feature frequently, and it has gotten me in trouble sometimes when i hit a wrong button and say something that should have been private.

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Staff messages are used by the Game Staff for important notices and warnings.

Blue Messages: Server Broadcasts: Blue messages can be seen only in the place they're in. If a member of staff has farmersville tx adult personals it, it means they wrote something important and want players to notice it. Broadcasts are server-wide staff messages that everyone online can see.

If it was sent, it's most likely a very important message that needs to be read. System Messages Automated messages sent by the server. Whenever you log-in, you get one of them!

It's the message of the day. Staff Messages carry the same tag, whispper the two kinds listed above are sent manually by a person.

Shouts You can buy shouts in the Colchester escort me Store within the Recube section, recubes for 5 shouts. They make your written text appear in a bright color. Only people with realm-permission are able to use them.

Shouts: Example Result: Using shouts in your realm for an important message you sex line reeves personals to have sent out, the message will be in a purple coloured font so whispef in the realm can see what you wrote. Commands As of now, there are only 8 commands for normal players. Dance tokens needed!